Sue Acheson is a multi disciplined artist working with ceramic, wood and paint to create artworks that have two main influences. The marks she makes are graphic representations of the light and shadow created by the sun as it travels through the day, and the forms she creates reflect the state of our contemporary world, and highlights the effect it has on individuals and groups of people.

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Artist profile

The person behind the work…


Ceramics. Wood. And a marriage of the two.

Public Art

Art in public places gives people who aren’t interested in Art a sense of place. A warm feeling of civic pride and a new look at their surroundings.


Artworks to use every day.
Each one lovingly crafted by hand.

News and Events

What’s on, what’s coming up, and what to look forward to…

Visual Art

An exploration of acrylic paint on canvas. An emotional response to what is happening in the world, influenced by landscape and the people who inhabit it.